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    Need Advice--are my babyname preferences too out there??

    PLEASE HELP! My husband and I love some names that my family doesn't like. I want to know if my family is just old-fashioned or if this would be the reaction of the general public as well. Be honest! I can take it . :-) Also, I'm going to give a couple middle name alternatives for each. Feel free to weigh in on your favorites or offer suggestions for names I haven't considered yet. Thanks for your time! I will respond to everyone who takes the time to answer me.

    (Our last name sounds like "Heck-uh-lee)

    Rupert Allan Xavier H. (potentially with the NN Rex, though mostly called Rupert)
    Rupert Thomas Gabriel H.
    (Robert and Thomas are family names. Allan and Gabriel are literary characters we admire)

    Lyra Daphne Ann
    I'm open to suggestions for other middle names. Lyra is a very important name to us, but my mom keeps saying that it sounds like "liar".
    (Ann is a family name. Lyra is a literary character we admire)

    Those are my top names. Matilda is my second favorite girl's name. here are some middle names I've been trying out.

    Matilda Vivienne Ruth
    Matilda Cecily Ruth
    Matilda Emmeline Ruth

    Really having trouble with a second boy name. So far Malcolm nn Mal, Lucian (Loo-shen) nn Luc, Leander nn Leo, Sebastian nn Baz or Theodore nn Theo. Definitely open to more suggestions and name combo suggestions.

    Please let me know what you think. I really really appreciate it.

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    I don't think your taste in names is too far out there at all. Actually I think Rupert, Lyra & Matilda are all excellent names. As for a second boy name I like Leander or Theodore.
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    Thanks alexa400!
    Leander is probably my guiltiest pleasure name. :-)
    Theodore is wonderfully usable but like Sebastian, is significantly more popular than my other choices so I'm not sure about it.

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    I love your names! And is Lyra His Dark Materials? Just wondering.

    With the middle name combos for Rupert, I like Rupert Thomas Gabriel.

    For Matilda combos my favorite is Matilda Vivienne Ruth. It has just enough contrast to be balanced.

    I like Malcolm the most out of your boy's names, with Lucian a close second.

    Honestly, I find these names to be vintage/old-fashioned, so maybe your family isn't old-fashioned enough.
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    Thanks Celianne!

    Lyra IS from His Dark Materials! Not only is it a character we both admire in a series we both love but it also the first book that my husband and I read together as a couple. That's the least negotiable of my favorite names. Hahaha.

    Thank you for your input on the Rupert and Matilda, as well. Malcolm and Lucian are my favorites too (next to Rupert, of course)...I don't plan on having four kids (2 or 3) but if somehow I had four, and the youngest was a boy, the problem is that M and L are already used with Matilda and it ok to have two kids whose names start with the same letter and two kids whose don't? I like Matilda and Lyra more than I like Malcolm or Lucian. I'm probably overthinking it. Any way, that's why I'm open to suggestions :-)

    I never thought of it that way--I appreciate your input. And it bolsters my confidence to know that my name preferences appear to be vintage/old-fashioned not hippie/new age. :-)

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