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    I love the pp suggestion of Zoe Valentina!
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    My first thought was Zoe Evangeline, or Zoe Annelise.

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    So hubby has vetoed all your wonderful suggestions.... any thoughts on Zoe Noelle? Doesnt follow the syllable rule, but sounds like it flows to me... what do you think... since baby is due December and I like the idea of a winter or Christmas related middle.
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    I love Zoe and Ezra together. I like the fact that they both have the Z but its subtle (not Zack and Zoe or something).
    I posted about Zoe middles a little while ago. One of my favorite names is Zoe too, if you couldn't tell by my signature. I saved a few of the suggestions. I prefer Greek names so that's kind of the theme here, but I think a few of them work well with your criteria.
    Zoe Helena
    Zoe Theodora
    Zoe Veronica
    Zoe Ianthe
    Zoe Madeleine
    Zoe Miranda
    Zoe Cassandra
    Zoe Adriana
    I like Zoe Noelle. As for suggestions for a Christmas/Winter themed middle, Zoe Winter is okay and I like the idea of a name starting with Chris. Like Zoe Christabel or Zoe Christina or Zoe Christiana.
    Good luck and congrats!
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    Don't go with anything like Ianthe - no one will be able to say that. Valentina is a little saccharine. I don't even think Leire is a name. Zoe Christabel is pretty but a bit precious. I definitely like the suggestions of Helena, Cassandra, Alexandra, Isabella - these are the prettiest and most euphonious combined with Zoe.

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