View Poll Results: Best unisex girls name?

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  • Avery

    18 35.29%
  • Arden

    18 35.29%
  • Ryann

    3 5.88%
  • Aidan

    1 1.96%
  • Kayden

    0 0%
  • Camden

    1 1.96%
  • Quinn

    21 41.18%
  • Cameron

    2 3.92%
  • Eden

    29 56.86%
  • Aven

    3 5.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I don't consider Aiden or Camden to be unisex. They're boys names, even when carried by girls.

    I voted for Eden and reluctantly voted for Avery because I see it as a male name but it's the best unisex name of the bunch (the rest are either masculine or just feminine, like Eden).
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    Avery, Arden, Quinn and Eden are the only names on your poll that I find suitable for a girl. The trendy Camden is a place name so that it could technically be a female name but I don't like it very much. One female celebrity named Cameron doesn't make that name unisex and Aidan is a MALE Irish saint name. Many people think names are feminine because of their "sound" which is a logic that I fail to understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saralerro View Post
    Help, I love unisex names for a girl but I have two boys already so I am worried. Please let me know which ones you like best! Thanks
    I also love unisex names on girls! May I suggest Finley for a girl?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I don't consider Aiden or Camden to be unisex. They're boys names, even when carried by girls.
    Also agreed. Most names are originally boys names which someone stupidly gives to a girl or a girls name someone stupidly gives to a boy.

    I like Eden best but I don't consider it unisex it's a cute name on a girl but to me sounds odd on a boy

    Please DON'T use Finley it's another example of a boys name stupidly being use on girls

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    I like Avery, Arden, Quinn and Eden for girls. I know a girl named Avery so I tend to think girl for it, Arden, Quinn and Eden all read girl to me. Aven is kind of cute sounding but looks made up. I know a girl named Ryanne (prn Rye-Ann) but its NMS and a Cameron who's a girl (I think its actually Camryn though.)

    Except for Avery, I don't think the list is unisex. Just boy or girl.

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