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    My friends name is Jacinta and i always thought it was lovely- its similar in sounding to the name of a purple flowing tree- Jacaranda

    Jemma is another one- usual spelling is with a G but both work.

    and Jayda

    Jacinta Danae
    Jemma Day
    Jayda Dru

    baby bears Freya Ivy & Rowan Wyn

    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Iris.
    Sebastian, Finn, Callum, Heath, Hamish.

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    Jamaica Dee
    Jezebela Denise
    Jonah Diamond
    Jenna Desiree
    Jayla Denali

    Jonah is typically male, but I think a feminine middle name could cancel that out and make it cute for a girl. Denali is also listed as a male name on this site, but I think it sounds pretty unisex. Desiree is pronounced DES-uh-ray.
    Good luck!

    Edited to add: Not sure if you're looking to continue the theme of nicknames that end in the -ee sound...but if you are, the names above can be nicknamed Jamie, Jessie, Jonie, Jenny, and Jaylee. Hope you find what you're looking for!
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