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    My friends name is Jacinta and i always thought it was lovely- its similar in sounding to the name of a purple flowing tree- Jacaranda

    Jemma is another one- usual spelling is with a G but both work.

    and Jayda

    Jacinta Danae
    Jemma Day
    Jayda Dru

    baby bear Freya Ivy
    expecting baby boy in October

    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Indigo, Iris. Sebastian, Rowan, Finn, Callum.

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    Jamaica Dee
    Jezebela Denise
    Jonah Diamond
    Jenna Desiree
    Jayla Denali

    Jonah is typically male, but I think a feminine middle name could cancel that out and make it cute for a girl. Denali is also listed as a male name on this site, but I think it sounds pretty unisex. Desiree is pronounced DES-uh-ray.
    Good luck!

    Edited to add: Not sure if you're looking to continue the theme of nicknames that end in the -ee sound...but if you are, the names above can be nicknamed Jamie, Jessie, Jonie, Jenny, and Jaylee. Hope you find what you're looking for!
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