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    Not a Berry favorite I know, but help with a Sloane combo please?

    So before many of you groan over Sloane, it's just for a preliminary list I want to include it on. One of hubby's likes that I wasn't sure about at first but I really am liking it lately. I want to think of the best middle name possible so we can have clear options to take on hospital day (not til November, ugh!) Can you please give your opinions on these names? Other suggestions are welcome as well.

    Sloane Kathleen McCarthy (Kathleen is a form of my moms name, Kathryn)

    Sloane Kathryn McCarthy (moms actual name, but not sure if I like the similar endings)

    Sloane Regina McCarthy (Moms middle name)

    Sloane Cecilia McCarthy (used to be my combo but feeling its too hissy)

    Sloane Amelia McCarthy (just love Amelia, and my other daughter has a more modern first name with a classic middle... Like this connection)

    Other children are Mason Patrick and Brenna Claire.. Last name not McCarthy but similar enough to get idea of flow. Also want to note that my other children's names do not honor family, and it was never my intention to. I just happen to like my moms names! Not an important thing for me though, I've always worried about honoring some family and leaving others out actually. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    My choice: Sloane Regina McCarthy. I don't dislike Sloane--I'm kind of neutral on it; love Regina.

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    I do like the name Sloane, my two favourite combos in the above list are Sloane Regina (because Regina is a favourite of mine and it means queen so that's cute) and Sloane Amelia (because Amelia is another favourite of mine)... Out of the two names that honour your mother I prefer Kathleen over Kathryn with Sloane.
    Also I love your other daughters name Brenna, so sweet
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    I really like Sloane Amelia! I think that the pairing of a strong spunky first name with a classic feminine middle is lovely. I also really like the connection to your daughter's name, it's subtle but it's a nice little link for them to share. Mason Patrick, Brenna Claire, and Sloane Amelia would be a lovely sibset! Good luck!
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    I really think they all work. And I don't hate Sloan : D. Sloan Cecilia maybe works the least unfortunately, Cecelia is a great name but I agree it's a bit hissy. Sloan Amelia would have the initials SAM which could be good/bad/neutral depending on your opinion. I think Sloan Kathleen and Sloan Kathryn sound about equal, so you might just go with Sloan Kathryn to more directly honor your mom but if you prefer Sloan Kathleen strongly then sure. Sloan Regina is really kind of appealing to me! I don't greatly love either name, but somehow I like the combo better than the parts (random: another name like this for me is Gwyneth Jade).

    What about merging Kathryn and Regina a bit and getting Sloan Katrina?

    Good luck!

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