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    Problem with middle initials?

    My husband and I have talked about using my maiden name and his mother's maiden name as 2 middle names if we have a son (decided to wait until the birth to find out baby's sex). Trouble is, the names are Bennion Sanders, meaning the middle initials would be BS. I don't think Sanders Bennion flows as well. We are looking at Gideon, Michael, William, and still open to others as possible middle names. Last name sounds like Uh-mah-toh (Italian, 3 syllables). Opinions or suggestions?

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    I don't think it matters at all, especially when his initials will actually be _BS_. Most people don't even notice initials. BS hasn't hurt Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Blake Shelton, Ben Stiller, Bob Seger, Barbra Streisand, etc.

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    I agree with southern.maple, that's a very minor issue, especially considering his BS initials will be sandwiched between two other letters. You should stick with Bennion Sanders as his middles since it has important meaning to you.

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