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    I can't imagine expecting anything, isn't the baby the "push present "?

    My husband did get me a little jewelry dish with my daughters birthstone...I honestly cried because it was so sweet and unexpected.For me it loses that element if you're picking out your options in the Tiffany catalogue.
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    I get the presents that are ways to mark the event like jewelry with the baby's birthstone that the father decided to purchase on his own. But the idea of picking your own present seems wrong to me. I feel like the gift you get for giving birth is the baby!
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    Well, I got one. I'm not wealthy or showy. I didn't demand it or give my husband a catalog full of circled items. But my sweet husband got me a push present that I will be happy to one day pass on to my daughter. I don't think I needed to get a prize for pushing out a baby, but it sure is nice to have a man who wanted to give me a romantic/glamorous moment just after I did. I really hope my daughter ends up with a guy like that. And honestly, most people who are super disgusted at the idea are probably sad to be less appreciated by their partners or they have martyrdom issues and don't like to do anything nice for themselves and have to demonize other women who do enjoy nice things. Was the necklace shinier than my new daughter? Of course not. But it's nice to have a tangible thing to connect to that day & that feeling.

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    I was more reacting to the OP's story, taz, but reading the post again, mine does come across a little haughty which wasn't my intention.
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    Its normal where I live, I got one for both my daughters. I got a Chanel bag when Amelie was born and an eternity ring when Daisy was born.

    Amelie also got a present "from" her new baby sister, which was a colouring book and crayons, and a fairy ornament for her bedroom.

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