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    Push Present ????

    A very dear friend of mine is preggers and while I was over visiting the other night she gleefully pulled out a Tiffany's catalogue and started pointing out her top 5 choices of (highly overpriced) jewelry for the push present she is demanding from her hubby. I sat there sipping my tea, listening and all the while I was thinking to my self "Is this what we've really come to? Women are now expecting compensation for giving birth?" The whole notion that a woman would expect a Tiffany's ring/pendant for giving birth is so very foreign to me. Aren't presents supposed to be saved for the baby shower and Mother's Day? Has anyone else encountered the push present?
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    I read an article about this years ago and filed it in the "weird habits of the very wealthy" category; however, shortly after that I was at a bridal shower and a woman with a newborn was going on about wanting a specific watch as her "baby present". That's the only time I've encountered a push present. I kind of think having brought a child into the world is worth more than a piece of jewellery....

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    Very strange, but again, I think bridal showers are weird. When/if I give birth, I would hope to have help around the house, help with the baby, and a fridge stocked with easy meals for when I get home. I will pass on the diamonds.
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    I think a push present can be a nice gesture, like a pendant with your baby's birthstone or something, but I certainly wouldn't demand one, spell out exactly what I wanted, or think I was owed it.

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    I don't understand it either. Do these women not want the babies they are giving birth to? I would think that was enough? *I* would feel like that would be enough for me. The only way I can justify a push present is if the woman got pregnant accidentally and didn't want it. Then the husband/boyfriend can get them a "sorry I knocked you up and am forcing you to keep it" gift!
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