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    @malk- I have all the signs which are close to pregnancy symptoms every time before my period. That is why I am not sure if I will be able to tell until a missed period comes. Or test which can not be taken till the day of my period practically. I am on 28 day cycle though so its always normal which will help.

    @daisychain- I have never tried OPKS since this is our second month trying. The first month I messed up the timing. I know it is still to early to tell since I am only 1 DPO now.
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    Yeah, the symptoms are similar. I don't really know how to tell one from another except for not having a period later. Some ladies say they had a felling they a "pregnant" feeling but personally, I didn't. It depends very much I guess.
    But best of luck and I hope you will have a LO soon! Hugs [[[[{}]]]]

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    I always felt like that when I was very early in each pregnancy. I also had cramping for the first 8-fish weeks. I also got quite a few headaches before I even found out. Good luck to you!
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    Yup. I don't remember exactly what symptoms, but I remember thinking "I'm probably getting my period". Then I thought I was getting the flu, and though "crap, I'm going to have the flu AND my period at the same time."

    I never got the flu or my period. I had really ache-y muscles and joints and was exhausted, but no other symptoms. It didn't get worse or better for a week, and that's when I finally decided to test.
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    I thought I was getting my period before I got my BFP. But usually I just get symptoms either the day before my period comes or the day it actually starts. These symptoms lasted for four or five days, so I knew something was a little different.
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