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    Agree with everyone else! I think it would be nice if you are able to honor where they are from, whether that be keeping their birth name as middle, honoring birth parent, or just a culturally apropos name. I think the middle is the perfect place to put that. Like a pp said, you want them to fit in with your family and your culture bc that will be their family and culture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bom2014 View Post
    Haha! I always wonder if my best friend's mom realized that she was named her (super blond/blue eyed) daughter a name that meant "dark haired"!
    My daughter was born with dark brown/almost black hair, and now has strawberry-blonde curls. Babies change! Especially their eyes. It's silly to say you can't name a girl without hazel eyes Hazel because if you wanted to be sure of her eye color, you'd have to wait until her first birthday to name her!

    Anyway, on topic, I think any child can have pretty much any name. They grow into their name and their name grows into them. I don't think anything is off-limits because of the child's race/skin color.

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    I think it is good that you are keeping at least part of his / her original name. Here is my input on your list.

    Matilda - Fine. Does bring to mind the movie, but still a nice name.
    Naomi - It feels dated to me.
    Clementine - Very feminine and cute.
    Elouise - Pretty, but not my favorite.
    Mahalia - Sounds a bit exotic / foreign.
    Emmeline - Love this name.
    Louisa - Dated.
    Magnolia - I like it. Maggy for short.
    Beatrice - Bee for short...even better than Maggy.
    Mirabelle - Too many "Belle" variations right now. Mira is nice though.
    Annika - A little odd, but not terrible.
    Evelyn - Classic name.
    Rebecca - I don't like it.
    Cecelia - Good.
    Eleanor - Nora for short. Cute take on a classic name.
    Coretta - I like Cora better.


    Merritt - Reminds me of the hotel, but otherwise sounds nice.
    Simon - Alright. I always think of 7th Heaven.
    Noble - It's strong...maybe too strong.
    Jericho - Not a fan.
    Malachi - Children of the corn.
    Louis - My definite favorite on your boy list. Strong.
    Zion - I just don't like this at all. I saw a boy named that yesterday oddly enough.
    Judah - Not sure about this one.
    Israel - Better than Zion.
    Marvel - Comics.

    Overall, I like your girl list better than the boys, though that is just my opinion. If you want to go for a biblical name, I prefer going a little bit more traditional (Luke, Peter, Noah, Abel, Asher, Elijah, Moses, Gabriel, Abraham, Matthias, Jonah, etc.)
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    I think Naomi works for any race. Mahalia, Annika, Malachi, and Coretta sound like AA to me. The rest sound like white names. I think Zion sounds ridiculous and I don't like Merritt noble Jericho or Marvel either. Just because it sounds like a certain race doesn't mean you can't pick for a different race.

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    I think all the names would work for any child. I'm half Mexican and half white and my name is Kari Ann. I look way more Mexican than white. My sister on the other hand is Laura Beth and she looks white or Italian. These names seem to work on us. My brothers best friend is a guy named Jerome and he'd always get called 'the white Jerome' affectionately by his bffs. Mahalia and Cecilia are more "ethnic sounding" but I think it's time we all use whatever name works for our own individual child. I tend to like southern sounding names even though most people would look at me and identify me as a Mexican woman, I think it's fun to push the envelope a bit. Good luck and congrats on your adoption.
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