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    I really, really like Rowena June Arianrhod and Rosamund Eve Arianrhod. I'm leaning toward Rosamund because Ulysses, Bishop, Winifred, and Rosamund as siblings is simply magical. The Winifred/Rowena thing is sticking out to me too. While I like Arianrhod as a first name in theory, it just feels far too unusual next to Ulysses, Bishop, and Winifred.

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    Rowena June Arianrhod - I was loving this until pp mentioned Winifred and Rowena could both be Winnies and now I can't un-see it. Does Winifred have a nn? Since you'd be calling Rowena, Roo, I don't think it matters. Plus the -enna pronunciation (which is beautiful) reduces the Winnie-ness. I still think this is a beautiful and meaningful combo.

    Rowena June Ariadne - not as into Ariadne

    Rowena June Arianne - seems a little softer but is lovely

    Rosamund Eve Arianrhod - lovely, lovely. Can definitely still do Roo. I would choose this if Rowena seems too close to Winifred.

    Gwendolen Aria June - Gwendolen seems too similar to Winifred to me.

    Arianrhod Rosalia June (possible nn Ari?) - do not care for Arianrhod as a first name

    Ruxandra Arianrhod June - not for me

    Arianrhod Rowena June - not for me

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    For some reason Rowena (with WENN as opposed to WEEN) is hard for me to say. It is definitely prettier than RoWEENa, but my mouth struggles with it. I would almost say, just call her Rowan! I prefer Rosalind to Rowena (Rosamund comes in 2nd).
    Current favorites: Olive, Louise/Louisa, Magdalene/Madeline, Phillipa, Talitha, Mallory, Blythe, Eliza, Mercy, Talia; Calvin, Charles, Gideon, Abram, Jude, Reuben, George, Reid, Clark, Holden.

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