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  • Beatrix

    18 40.00%
  • Juno

    16 35.56%
  • Clementine

    11 24.44%
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    I love all these names! They all have very different styles, however. I love Clementine, but I can't get past the old folk song that talks about a Clementine drowning (looks real hard to the lyrics of "oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine" next time you get a chance). So I guess it's a tie between Beatrix and Juno, depending on your surname.

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    I think I may be leaning towards Beatrix but I keep getting drawn back to Juno also!

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    I love Juno I think it has so much character. I think the alliteration with Beatrix could go either way with a two syllable surname starting with B but if you love it thats great! Beatrix is classic and yet fun while Juno is creative and spunky so I think it comes down to what you want the name to say. Goodluck!
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    It is fantastic. The other two are lovely; I'd probably use one as a middle.
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    I love all three of these! Its so hard to chose, but if i had to nitpick, one downside to Beatrix is that she might always have people thinking she is Beatrice. I'll eliminate Juno because your surname is two syllables as well and so the rhythm would be better with a 3 or 1 syllable first. So i'll go with Clementine. But really they are all beautiful and go really well with Eli.
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