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    Lightbulb Your two-cents is needed !

    Critique my lists..honesty wanted! & suggest others I may like!

    Son # 1=Gavin

    Middle name will most definitely be Michael, after my father.

    Middle name will be Lynn, after my mother.

    Any other suggestions that fit my style (what is my naming style?)

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    Oliver Michael Wright - I like it.
    Caleb - just not my style. I think it sounds a little geeky.
    Elijah Michael Wright - Too many long "I" sounds.
    Huxley Michael Wright - I like it.
    Liam Michael Wright - Again, sort of too many of the same sounds together.
    Felix Michael Wright - Cute
    Elias Michael Wright - Too many long "I" sounds... but I like it better than Elijah.

    Middle name will be Lynn, after my mother.
    Tessa Lynn Wright - Love this.
    Norah Lynn Wright - I like this okay, but Norah is not really my style.
    Fiona - not my style
    Aubrey - to me Aubrey is a little boring, but it's not bad.
    Arianna Lynn Wright - I think this is pretty.
    Keira Lynn Wright - LOVE this.

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    Oliver Michael Wright - NMS but I do like it together
    Caleb Michael Wright - eh, it works but maybe too biblical?
    Elijah Michael Wright - the E names are really popular right now, not my fav though
    Huxley Michael Wright - I love Huxley but it seems to be the odd one out on your list and I'm not sure how well it works with the middle and last names
    Liam Michael Wright - My fav of all the combos, though if you want to avoid popular names Liam may not be the one for you
    Felix Michael Wright - Felix will forever be a cat name for me
    Elias Michael Wright - Again, I'm not personally a fan of Eli- names, but they are popular

    Tessa Lynn Wright - I like it, it's got a pleasing flow to it
    Norah Lynn Wright - I prefer it to be spelled Nora, but it also sounds nice
    Fiona Lynn Wright - I think of big green ogres
    Aubrey Lynn Wright - When I say it out loud the fn and mn squish together into Aubreelynn which comes off as a little trashy to me (as do most names with lyn tacked on to the end imo)
    Arianna Lynn Wright - I like Arianna, it's a very pretty name but I'm not sure how well it goes with Lynn
    Keira Lynn Wright - I also get a bit of the squishing together effect here, but to a lesser extent, I love Keira though
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    With big brother Gavin I would say

    Caleb Michael and Fiona Lynn Wright.

    I would have chosen Keira or Aubrey, but I think the R sounds are hard to say with Wright immediately after.
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    Michael is a great choice for a MN.

    Oliver: With the MN you're going to use, this is a great combination. But in a sibling set, to me, it doesn't go with Gavin.
    Caleb: 2-2-1 flow makes it sound choppy. I mean that the names are very distinct from each other almost like you are talking about 2 different people.
    Elijah: Probably the best name to go with Gavin and it flows nicely with the MN. My favorite on your list.
    Huxley: I really like this one. I don't think it quite goes with Gavin.
    Liam: refer to Oliver
    Felix: refer to Oliver
    Elias: refer to Oliver

    Tessa: Best out of your opinions
    Norah: I have mixed feelings on this one. It's nice with Gavin, but the MN of Lynn makes me turn away from it. I just don't know
    Fiona: I don't think it goes with Gavin, but it is a nice combo
    Aubrey: This sounds very cute. It's my second favorite of the names you listed.
    Arianna: With Lynn as the MN, it sounds like a run-on name. It's the double N sound.
    Keira: I feel like the flow is too fast when the full name is said. It sounds like Keiralynn rather than Keira Lynn

    The names you have listed are not bad at all. I like them all with the surname you have, but most of them really didn't go with your son's name. I'm not really good at suggesting names, but I would suggest for a girls name something where Rose can be a NN. Rose and Gavin sound like a good sibling set, but that's just my opinion. I'm not sure what your style is, but there was a thread in the Talking About Baby Names section, if I recall, that had a quiz that determined what your style is most similar to.

    Here are 2 I found to determine style:
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