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    I have a unisex name, and I have always hated it, so I'm always against using a unisex name. That being said, Sawyer is actually pretty nice. It seems girly enough somehow to work. And Sawyer Grace is actually very cute.

    Sawyer Waye looks a bit weird on paper (An anagram of Sawyer IS Sr Waye) but the W in Sawyer is pronounced differently enough from the W in Waye that I wouldn't worry about it. Out loud, Sawyer Waye sounds very pretty and melodic.

    Use the name. You like it. It wouldn't put her in therapy. If there are successful and happy people named Robert Roberts and Phillip Phillips, Sawyer Waye has nothing to worry about.

    Also, that coworker is just awful.
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    What a lovely name! Your co-worker sounds not only unpleasant but rather -- out of it. Sawyer isn't more girl than boy these days? Who knew? And it is pretty with your last name and Grace is the perfect middle. Don't let her rob you of something wonderful -- which I am sure she would love to pull off.

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    Don't listen to the haters. Focus on the rest of these comments, because this is the truth! It's a beautiful and functional name. And sounds fine with your surname.

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    Your coworker was very rude. If she didn't like it, she should have pretended she did.
    But since you are asking our opinions...I'm not a fan, and I love most unisex names for girls. Maybe b/c the only Sawyer I know is the 6 year old son of my best friend (and Tom Sawyer's last name). It seems masculine to me. But back in the 80s when people first started using Skylar and Taylor as girls names, people probably thought the same thing, and now they are common place and seem quite girly. It is on the more trendy side. I personally wouldn't want to be a 20 or 30 etc year old woman named Sawyer. I would much rather have a more feminine name.

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    Sawyer on a girl isn't my style at all, but it's not a terrible name and I can hardly imagine that your daughter will require therapy. Your coworker is just incredibly rude.

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