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    Thoughts on Louise

    I was hoping to get some insight on a name that I keep coming back to. We had a darling baby girl several months ago, who is named Alice Margaret (both family names). We are just starting to think about expanding our family, although I'm not pregnant at the moment. It's important to me to use names with family meaning and I love classic names with long, established histories. When Alice was born we nearly named her Mary Louise, a name I still love dearly (and which also has family meaning). I hope one day to have another daughter and perhaps use it for her. I was hoping some of you could provide some thoughts on this name - what are your impressions of it? would you like to have it yourself or for your child? Would you end up shortening it to Mary Lou? Would you go by simply Mary or Louise on their own? Of course since I'm not expecting this issue isn't pressing....but curious. Please feel free to respond however you wish.

    I personally love both names together in combination, as Mary Louise. But I also love Mary on its own, and Louise on its own. I haven't felt as drawn to the shortened name Mary Lou, however. I also rather like that Mary Louise is not a terribly common name, although of course Mary used to be the most common girls name of all. I think for that reason my mother is a little disposed against it, but she's remembering her girlhood of growing up with hundreds of Marys! To me it feels like a rare, pretty name that is sweet and old-fashioned, with wonderful history. And I love these two names together. I would welcome your thoughts!

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    I suppose I should have titled this thread "Thoughts on Mary Louise"....ah well!

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    Louise is a favorite of mine and is my elder daughter's middle name (in part after her great-grandfather Louis). I am just not fond of Mary. I appreciate your description of it as pretty, sweet and old-fashioned - that's how I see Louise and Alice but not Mary. I went to school with a Mary Louise who went by both names in full or ML for short. I can definitely see Mary Louise or Louise Something as a sister to Alice Margaret. Other names I like with Alice and with Louise as a middle: Cora, Clara, Camille (something about those C's!), Lydia, Nora, Nina, Ivy, Mina, Julia, Flora

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    I like Mary Louise better than Louise as a first name. Mary is darling and underused nowadays IMO. I wouldn't call her Mary Lou, especially if I didn't know her middle name.

    Alice is one of my favorites, and some others I love with it are:


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    I like Mary Louise. I would love Mary Louisa.

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