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  • Persephone Kate

    15 28.85%
  • Charlotte Lake

    15 28.85%
  • Olivia (Liv) Annaleigh

    6 11.54%
  • Evangeline Scarlett

    18 34.62%
  • Clara Juliet

    21 40.38%
  • Vera Madeleine

    19 36.54%
  • Coralie Grace

    16 30.77%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    1 Clara Juliet - two gorgeous names. A feminine and romantic combo.
    2 Vera Madeleine - vintage and French
    3 Persephone Kate - this combo has so much vitality is jumps off the screen!
    4 Coralie Grace - pretty and delicate

    I love Charlotte but the two l's in the combo Charlotte Lake aren't ideal for flow. Olivia Annaleigh has too many l's and a's and I don't like the Annaleigh spelling at all. I adore the elegant Evangeline but the trendy Scarlett drags it down for me.
    All the best,

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    My favorites are:

    Charlotte Lake - Lake is nms, but this combo is really cute
    Clara Juliet - just pretty
    Vera Madeleine - Cora Madeleine is one of my own. I like that Vera is less expected.

    Persephone Kate - I really love Penelope Kate, but somehow Persephone feels a bit much next to Kate. Or Kate isn't enough next to Persephone. Still nice though.
    Olivia (Liv) Annaleigh - this is my least favorite. I like Olivia (Liv), just don't love the combo.
    Evangeline Scarlett - I like this a lot but would prefer Scarlett Evangeline.
    Coralie Grace - I love Coralie, just think you could find a better middle to make it sing.
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    Persephone Kate - Like Kate, Persephone feels a bit too much name, and nn Percy just isn't attractive.
    Charlotte Lake - Like Charlotte, Lake makes a spunky middle even though it's NMS.
    Olivia (Liv) Annaleigh - Like Olivia, but Annaleigh feels a bit made up. With a 4 syllable Olivia, I think a shorter middle would work better
    Evangeline Scarlett - Don't care for Evangeline, it feels OTT to me, like Scarlett though
    Clara Juliet - Don't care for either name, sorry
    Vera Madeleine - Madeleine is lovely, but Vera is an old lady name for me
    Coralie Grace - Like Coralie but Grace feels a bit filler as a middle name

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    Wow, thank you all for your suggestions. It's safe to say that Olivia Annaleigh is off the list!
    Best regards; Julia

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    Persephone Kate - Persephone is a bit much for me as a first. What about Katherine Persephone?
    Charlotte Lake - As pretty as Lake is, it always feels like your talking about a lake to me.
    Olivia (Liv) Annaleigh - I adore Olivia, not fond of Annaleigh (or Annalee for that matter). Olivia Lark? Olivia Corinne? Olivia Bay?
    Evangeline Scarlett - meh, not bad, but neither name is really my style
    Clara Juliet - gorgeous
    Vera Madeleine - very pretty. Vera Bay is swoon worthy though.
    Coralie Grace - lovely, Coralie Scarlett is also pretty
    Bay Elizabeth - Elizabeth Bay I like, not the other way round
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