View Poll Results: PLEASE help us pick a name for our baby girl!!!!!

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  • Evelyn Marie (Evie)

    4 16.00%
  • Evelyn Anne (Evie)

    5 20.00%
  • Annabelle Marie (Annie)

    5 20.00%
  • Stella Anne (Annie or Stella?)

    13 52.00%
  • Charlotte Marie (Charlie)

    4 16.00%
  • Chloe Anne

    1 4.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    4 weeks from DD and NO NAME...Just some ideas...Help? Please?

    The backstory:
    We always said we would name our daughter Evelyn. We are talking for almost 10 years.Then, my cousin names her daughter Evelyn, and I'm hearing it more and more. I'm hoping to avoid her having the exact name of 5 other kids in her class...We still like the name, but don't LOVE any names. We have a few that we like.
    We have a 2.5 year old son named Owen.
    My Great Aunt Stella was amazing, sweet, generous, kind...
    My sister's middle name is Anne. Mine is Marie. So is my Mom's.

    We said we would decide when we saw her on the ultrasound (3D) at 20 weeks...Both hands and feet in front of her face. No image.
    We actually PAID money to go back and get another scan so we could decide on a name...same story as before. Then 2 more times they le us come back in, each time hands and feet or umbilical cord over face.
    34 week scan last week: no hands over face. No more ultrasounds left

    So now...we are in need of some help!!!

    Evelyn Marie (Evie)
    Evelyn Anne (Evie)
    Annabelle Marie (Evie)
    Stella Anne (Evie)
    Charlotte Marie (Charlie) - I don't know how I feel about Charlie for a girl...we're just not that cool...LOL
    Chloe Anne

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    Evelyn is really close to Owen, so it might help to have something a little more different. What about Eve, Eva, Evangeline, Eliza, Emmeline, or Emmalyn, instead? Alternatively, could you put Evelyn as the mn-- Stella Evelyn, Stella Marie Evelyn, Charlotte Evelyn, or Annabelle Evelyn, Anna Evelyn? You could also use Genevieve with Evie as a nn.

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    I voted before I read the backstory but I would like to change my vote to Stella Anne as I love the family connection! So sweet! I think she'd appreciate being named after someone rather than just a name you liked. Plus Stella is a fabulous choice even without the meaning!

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    Charlotte is fine but I dislike Charlie and am not that much fonder of Lottie. I find Caroline (which is related to Charlotte) and Catherine easier because I like Callie/Carrie/Caro and Cat more than Charlie by like x1000.

    I *love* the name Annabel, partly because I love the Poe poem. Less fond of the -belle spelling, but its okay. I don't really love Annie as a nickname though I know it's probably less popular than Belle/Bella - though I hear more Bellas than just Belle. As far as Anne-related names, my favourites are Annabel, Anwen, and Anais.

    You clearly love Evie. Is Eve itself a possibility? It's so sleek and smooth and unapologetic, and Evie makes perfect sense from it. It's also not super popular. Evangeline is also beautiful and relatively rare, you only see it a lot on Nameberry, not real life.

    I will also quietly mention that I love the name Marie and I wish it was occasionally used as a first name, but it hardly ever is.

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