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    Having Trouble picking a name for our baby boy.. PLEASE HELP!

    Im 25 Weeks Pregnant & having such a hard time deciding on a name. My fiance & I completely dissagree on the names "/ Babies Last name will be Black.

    Jace (we both like)
    Jaxson (dad LOVES,but im afraid everyone calling him JACK BLACK)
    Jacob (we both like, but think its very popular)
    Nathaniel (Shorten to Nate)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Congrats on your pregnancy

    Jace - Nothing wrong with it, but it sounds very choppy with your last name.
    Jaxson - I think the whole "Jack Black" thing is unavoidable with this, but he is fading from popularity somewhat. But I would definitely spell it 'Jackson'.
    Jacob - Jacob Black is the werewolf in 'Twilight', so this is an absolute no.
    Nathaniel (Shorten to Nate) - My favorite from your list
    Tanner - 'Tanner Black' sounds like a description of a paint color, sorry.
    Trey - Same as Jace, this sounds a bit choppy with a one-syllable last name.
    Wyatt - This was my favorite until I realized 'Wyatt Black' sounds a lot like 'White Black' when you say it fast.
    Johnathon - I don't mind it spelled 'Jonathan'.
    Nicholas - My second favorite from your list.

    How about:
    James/Jameson, Talan (pronounced like "talon"), Sawyer, Patton, Archer, Sebastian, William, Jacoby (pronounced "Jah-KO-bee")?

    Sorry, I'm not great at suggestions, but good luck!
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Jace, Jaxon (spelled with an x), Wyatt, and Johnathan (with an extra h) all feel extremely trendy... not at all classic. To quote the Brits on here, they are almost 'chavvy' to me. Trey feels very 1980s. Nathaniel, and Nicholas are all very, very, very common. Those are classic names, though, that will age well and never seem old. Both seem classy, not at all 'chavvy'. Tanner is ok, except that it makes it sound like the local tanner is black... I'd avoid noun or occupation names with Black (i.e. Griffin, Cole, ClintFinn, Caspian, Jasper, Cooper, Tucker, Spencer, Porter, Archer, River, etc.). Jacob doesn't work with Black, as it will slur to become Jacoblack. With Black, avoid names that end in a -c/-ck/-k or -b, or are 1 syllable (will be choppy).
    Collin Black
    Callum Black
    Anders Black
    Alexander Black, nn Alex, Xan, Xander, or Anders
    Anton Black
    Darius Black
    Caspar Black
    Dallin Black
    Damien Black
    Dante Black
    Devin Black
    Easton Black
    Ewan Black
    Ezra Black
    Evander Black
    Everett Black
    Emmett Black
    Elijah Black
    Elias Black
    Franklin Black
    Finley Black
    Finnegan Black
    Dermot Black
    Malcolm Black
    Conley Black
    Gavin Black
    Gannon Black
    Garrett Black
    Gabriel Black
    Ian Black
    Jarrett Black
    Jesse Black
    Julius Black
    Keaton Black
    Kenton Black
    Kian Black
    Kieran Black
    Keegan Black
    Lachlan Black
    Leo Black
    Lewis Black
    Lawrence Black
    Leon Black
    Lincoln Black
    Lucas Black
    Levi Black
    Marshall Black
    Micah Black
    Mitchell Black
    Malachi Black
    Marcus Black
    Nolan Black
    Nevin Black
    Peter Black
    Philip Black
    Quincy Black
    Quentin Black
    Rafferty Black
    Raphael Black
    Roscoe Black
    Roland Black
    Reuben Black
    Corbin Black
    Russell Black
    Simon Black
    Soren Black
    Stanton Black
    Sullivan Black
    Talon Black
    Tiernan Black
    Tristan Black
    Tobias (Toby) Black
    Edison Black
    Truman Black
    Thomas Black
    Theodore Black
    Victor Black
    Walden Black
    Wesley Black
    Wendall Black
    Xavier Black
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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    Jace (we both like) - This one is okay, it's not my style, but it's a nice name.
    Jaxson (dad LOVES,but im afraid everyone calling him JACK BLACK) - I agree with other berries that he will most likely be called Jack Black, however, if you do use this name I would consider spelling it Jackson, Jaxson is very trendy and as a teacher it gets old having to deal with creative spellings.
    Jacob (we both like, but think its very popular) - Popular and what ditto what greyer said.
    Nathaniel (Shorten to Nate) -I really like this one! Nathaniel or Nate Black sounds very handsome! Great choice!
    Tanner - This one is one of my likes as well!
    Trey - This one is okay.
    Wyatt - Hmmmm... I like this name but where I live it's super popular.
    Johnathon - I like it.
    Nicholas - I think this one is a good choice, Nicholas Black is a great name.

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