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    The Graduating Class

    Sunset Valley is a town of around 2500 people.
    The graduating class of 2013 is made up of 15 girls and 11 boys.
    There is one set of twins among the graduates, and 3 with the last name Jones (cousins).
    There is one Valedictorian and one Salutatorian.
    Also, these are the awards that were "handed out" by the yearbook staff.
    Most likely to succeed
    Most likely to appear in the National Enquirer
    Most likely to appear on a "Most Wanted" list
    Most likely to become president
    Most likely to cure the common cold
    Most likely to win an Olympic Medal for (you choose)
    Most likely to flee the country
    Most likely to brighten your day
    Most likely to join organized crime
    Most likely to host a talk show
    Most likely to sign up for pharmaceutical trials
    Most Likely to win on Jeopardy

    Name your graduating class...
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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