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    Owen —*My favourite from your list. A well-known, not too popular name that works in both countries. Stylistically I think it fits better with Caleb and Josephine. More ideas: Oliver, Liam, Leon, Macsen, Soren, Otto, Henry, Evan.

    Judah/JudeJudah feels to American/Bible Belt to me. Jude is lovely & I think works great with your other names (although personally I'm not a fan of having 2 kids with the same initial and one with a different one — it's either all or nothing for me). Generally speaking 2 syllable full names work fine (Jude Law, Brad Pitt, John Locke). More ideas: Julian, Luke, James, George, Zane.

    Reuben — More similar in style to Caleb (American biblical but not to much) & reminds me of Reubens. It feels quite unusual in comparison to your other names. More ideas: Rupert, Rufus, Rudolph, Ronald (Ron), Thorben, Benedict, Benjamin (Ben), Euan, Augustine.

    Rafferty — Feels too English/hipster/surnamey/unusual in comparison to Caleb and Josephine. More ideas: Rafe, Raphael (Raffy/Rafe), Rory, Remy, Ralph.

    Rafferty nn Raffy (wildcard name I love but a little unsure)
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    My favourites to go with your other kids' names:

    1) Reuben – very handsome and fits in beautifully
    2) Owen – ditto above. Can’t go wrong with a little Owen
    3) Jude – cool 'Hey Jude' reference- very British
    3.5) Judah - does seem very biblical but still okay

    4) Rafferty – I'd never heard of this before I joined Nameberry. It doesn't feel at all English to me and I don't think it works well with Josephine and Caleb. Also, it reminds me of the word 'raggedy' :/

    But I agree with the suggestions of Julian, Raphael, Benedict, Hugo, Oliver, George & Henry! Or, how about: Harry, Oscar, Lewis, Aaron, Tristan, Arthur, Daniel?

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    I like Owen and Reuben best!

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    What about Rowan? Is that too weird for you? It seems like a good mix of Reuben and Owen. nn Rory is #66

    If so, what about Aaron? Fits with your other names and it's #51 in the UK.

    That being said I think Owen Rafferty is a fab name!
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    I think either Owen or Reuben would be the best with Josephine and Caleb.

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