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Thread: Molly?

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    Question Molly?

    When I was a baby, my mom was in and out of the hospital for some health problems. My aunt took care of me, and always jokingly said she was re-naming me "Molly". Ever since I was told this story, I kind of fell in love with the Name Molly, middle name Patricia, after my aunt wo called me that(who is like a mother to me).

    But apparently, Molly is now a name of a drug! And because of this, I can't decide if I give my future child this name any more. Is the meaning behind that name more powerful than the name of a now common drug? Would you do that to a child? I'm by no means pregnant, or planning to have in the next year or two, but It's something I've been thinking about, and wanted your opinions!

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    What drug? I'm confused. This name is so common and grounded as a name, I'm having a hard time seeing this happening.

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    The story is obviously meaningful, so what does it matter if it's the name of a drug? I've never heard of it and would never even think of associating such a sweet name with a drug. Also, it's quite classic. If there were a drug called, say, Kate, that wouldn't hurt the name (I don't think) because it's well-used. Molly Patricia would be lovely. It has a fun, Americana feel.
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    I adore Molly! I also love names that have a sweet story attached to them. I have never heard of a drug named Molly. I don't think people are going to associated Molly with a medicine. It has too much history and longevity.

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    Molly is such a well-established name that I wouldn't worry about any street drug connotation. (I am probably biased because my bf is Molly...a person named Molly I don't even know which drug this refers to) The name came well before the negative drug culture connotation. If you love it, go with it. Best wishes!

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