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    Tarquin/Tarkin too much a "bad guy" name?

    My husband and I both kinda like Tarquin/Tarkin but aren't sure if people will think "bad guy" since it always seems to be used in movies/books as a bad guy name. Your thoughts? Thanks so much!

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    I don't have really strong feelings but I kind of like it. This name literally just came up this afternoon between my partner and I (we were watching reality TV and someone had the name) and his reaction was "why would you name your child after a king of Rome who was so notoriously awful that he caused a revolt that brought down the monarchy?" So... that's one potential negative reaction.

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    I like the ending, but not the first syllable. Joaquin or just Quinn sound better to me. Maybe I'm overthinking it as I have no frame of reference for the name.

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    Tarquin is a nice name that doesn't really make me think of an evil guy. It makes me think of a witty and skinny hero, who is acrobatic.

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    I don't mind Tarquin, though admittedly my knowledge of Roman history is not great. Tarkin immediately made me think of the evil Governor Tarkin in Star Wars, but then I was raised by an extremely nerdy dad. :-)
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