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    The meanest girl I knew in school was Ashliegh .. <<Ya with that spelling XD. HAHA

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    Chloe and Gabrielle at intermediate (ages 10-13)
    Melissa at high school. But I know so really lovely Melissa's too.

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    Meagan and Leigh were particularly cruel for much of elementary and middle school.

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    Oh its hard to narrow it down to one, or even half a dozen lol. There was one girl in high school, Natasha, you were scared to even look at her in case she caught you, she would have full on fist fights with boys and beat the c**p right out of them. Broken noses, bust lips, blood everywhere, lost teeth the lot. She was a beast! Should've been a pro boxer. Looking back I think she only picked fights with boys because she knew they wouldn't hit her back. I've seen her recently and she has quite a few kids, she likes to shout and swear at them in the street. Still wouldn't want to make eye contact with her she's a crazy lady.
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    Antonia, Mai (pronounced My, German word for May)

    Shelby, Anneliese

    Michelle, Maren, Catherine, Tori, Elise

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