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    Should we change our baby's name?

    We had a baby and named her Vanessa Claire in March. Both of us loved the name Vanessa for so many different reasons. We have a son named Vincent and love the two names together. We did our research and were aware that some people see the name Vanessa as dated, outdated, etc. That didn't bother us. Now I'm starting to think that I made a big mistake because the name seems to be triggering a negative response when we introduce our baby. Why do you think that is? Is it just the "dated" factor or is there some other underlying issue?

    I consider myself somewhat bohemian and normally have little care about what most people think of me. I grew up as a Rosie in a sea full of Jennifers and Jessicas, and it really didn't bother me one bit. I love being different. But what if my child turns out to be more of a conformist and becomes ashamed of her name being different than her peers? Moreover, is the name Vanessa really that different? It's ranked at #122 and there were approximately 2,500 girls born with that name last year. That's not obscurity, yet I'm getting strange responses. Please be brutally honest. I can handle it. Should I change my baby's name?

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