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    I love both Felicity and Tessa, but Tessa is my ultimate favorite.

    I totally love Sebastian Harris. It's awesome!!!

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    Sebastian Harris - I love it too! Sebastian is very classic and I've never met a child with this name in my area.

    Gabriel Harris - Love Gabriel!

    Harris Jonah - I'd be afraid of him getting the nn Harry (Which I hate!). I also find the flow of this combo a bit off. Jonah Harris is nicer.

    Felicity Pearl - I've never liked Felicity, but this combo does flow well.

    Tessa Pearl - I think Theresa/Teresa Pearl with the nn of Tessa or Tess would be so much nicer. Tessa is cute, I just think it sounds too much like a nn.
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    Sebastian Harris- I think the name gives off a little bit of a stuck-up vibe, but nothing too snooty. Plus, the nicknames don't give off that vibe at all- love Bash! Really liking this combo too.

    Gabriel Harris- I really like Gabriel and think it has great balance with Harris, but if you don't like nn Gabe I wouldn't use the name.

    Harris Jonah- Harris is so cool! I don't know any Harris' but I do know a Harrison that shortens to Haz- never Harry, so I think Harry is avoidable.

    Felicity Pearl- Not my style, though the flow is great with Pearl.

    Tessa Pearl- Beautiful! I don't think it sounds too "nicknamey" but if you're worried about it you could always use Tessa/Tess as a nickname for Teresa?

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    In a perfect, hypothetical world, I love the name Sebastian. Sebastian Harris has a great sound. It does have such an overwhelmingly pretentious feel to it though, I couldn't use it on a real person. That said, I don't know where you are geographically, and I think it's perfectly acceptable and normal and not at all pompous in Britain. In America...I think it still sounds like you're reaching. I quite like Gabriel Harris and Harris Jonah. I know a few Gabriels, and some of them go by Gabe, some go by their full name. I don't think it has to be Gabe, if you don't want it to be. As for your girls' names...I much prefer Tessa Pearl. If you love Felicity, that's your prerogative. It's just way too frilly, porcelain doll, not at all a person name for me. If I can't name a boy Sebastian, I could never ever name a girl Felicity. No human is ever going to be as frilly and dainty and fragile as that name demands that they be.

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    Thanks berries! Wow, lots of food for thought so far, excellent! So I think Harris is out as a fn but definitely still in as a mn. Either Harris or Henry.

    Sebastian has such a nice sound to it. With big sis Eloise I just hope it doesn't come off as a "trying to hard" kinda thing. Same as Eloise with Felicity. Tessa is sweet and pretty. Does feel a bit nicknamey with my girls, not too bad though, and is very down to earth. Hmmmm

    but as far as boy names go...Sebastian is still my favorite. Makes me swoon! Haha. I love it
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