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    When I was pregnant with my first child, if I had a girl, I always knew that I wanted her mn to be my mother's name. I am not particularly fond of my mum's name (Heather) but I am EXTREMELY find of my mum so that swayed me and my mum LOVED it.

    But, I have to say this started a trend....! One that my husband quite dislikes.

    So when pregnant with #2, if it was to be another girl we would have had little choice but to go with my MIL name, cause she would have been mightily pissed if my mum was the only one "honoured". We had a boy, so my husband's family got the "honouring" and we had George as a mn after his Pop.

    NOW, I am in very early stages of pregnancy #3 and we are STRUGGLING! I am not overly close with my Dad or my Grandfather, and I really quite dislike their names too! But I would be happy to get my maiden name in as a mn (West or Weston). But husband hates both, so we may simply default to Simon, which is my husband's name. But if a girl....yep, my MIL will be there as a mn (Christine)......

    So if you start the trend with the first, you actually create the family pressure yourself!! That's what I have found. It's all about not offending people now. My husband has always said, no middle names!!, and now I sorta agree
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    I'm not having a child anytime soon but anytime baby names comes up around my cousins and I our grandmother says that someone should name their daughter after her, Beverly and no using her middle name isn't good enough. I thought it was funny the first three times but now that people are getting married it is getting annoying. I feel like my family will care a lot about what I name my child(ren) and how I raise them. I have a feeling I will have to have many "talks" about how they are mine..... This could start drama :/. I hope this isn't just mine family; everyone knows best. ARG!!
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    Not really. I have family names, but I don't think my parents care that much, at least for the first name. My husband's names are just names his parents liked. There's no real set precedent.

    The first names we pick are just names we like. Middle names are a subtle nod to family: Caron = Carol + Sharon; Roman = Rodger + Herman. Not sure what we'll do if there's a 3rd child, but we aren't expected to follow any sort of rule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2luka View Post
    My father-in-law expects us to name our first son after him, but it's not happening. I'm not opposed to naming children after family, I just honestly don't like my fil's name.
    Ditto. It's traditional in my husband's family to name the eldest son after the father's father. However, it's definitely not happening. My husband is keen, but, to be perfectly honest, I don't like my FIL enough to name my son after him (I know that sounds really bad). Also, I don't really like his name.

    My SIL's daughter's middle name is for her husband's sister (the baby's aunt) who died of cancer three years ago.

    I'm not keen on people naming their children after friends instead of family. I know it's their choice, but I've always thought family is more important. Same with choosing friends as godparents over siblings (the baby's aunt and uncle), but that's another story!
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    In my husband's family, using family names is a thing, but not in mine. Like, at all. Maybe because my grandparents all hated their own names? Anyway, when we were brainstorming for son #1, my husband kept throwing out all these names from his family as suggestions. 1) I didn't really love any of them aesthetically, 2) I didn't really know any of these people, and 3) most of the names were of relatives who weren't especially beloved of my husband (tyrannical grandfather, absentee uncle, misanthrope father).

    I vetoed all of my husband's family suggestions and I could kinda tell it hurt his feelings a little, but I just couldn't do it. I guess it's just a cultural difference, but for the life of me, I don't get the "family names for the sake of family names" thing.
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