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    I saw an interview with Busy Phillips once and she explained that being an Elizabeth called Busy, who only ever goes by Busy, she wanted to name her kids what she planned to call them. There are plenty of non-celebrity people who feel the same, and name their kids Sam or Andy or Kate, not Samuel/Andrew/Katherine. I prefer Cricket to Birdie actually but I don't have problem with either. I agree with pp who mentioned that it's actually easy to imagine old ladies named Birdie and Cricket, and I don't think I'd have a problem working in a professional setting with a middle aged Birdie either really.

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    Cricket sounds cute to me, but only as a nickname. Isn't it Jo March's nickname in Little Women?

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    Cricket is too much with Birdie.
    I love Birdie, as a nn, but not as a full name.
    Cricket is too naturey and nicknamey.
    A bird and a bug. Yikes!
    If she had Elizabeth "Birdie" and Christine "Cricket" that would be okay with me.

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    I LOVE Cricket .... as a nickname. I think it's adorable and I can totally see a spunky little three-year old Cricket running around and climbing trees. BUT ... I would have definitely given her a longer name to use just in case. I understand the "if they're gonna go by something else, then what's the point?" line of thinking, but it's nice to give them options for when they're an adult. Honestly, though, I can see a young, middle-aged, and elderly Cricket. I don't think it's that big of a deal, she'll own it. And she can go by Pearl if she hates being called Cricket. I'm actually really excited about this one. The only eccentric nature name I think is too cute.

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    I just defended both choices on a celeb gossip site.
    Well Birdie''s actually a nickname for Bridget and was a top 200 name in america in the 1880''s its kind of like Bridie.

    And cricket could be a cute nickname for Catherine or Christina. I do like them both better as nicknames though.

    Here is Australia Bridie's top 100 so I think of Birdie as a less common Bridie. In Australia I do think of the spor as its one of my favourite sports.
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