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    Josephine Sarah gets my vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitterick View Post
    I would like a longer name that can have a nickname. We have an Elisabeth nn Ellie so I would like to do the same for her. We are thinking mn Sarah so no names ending in "a".

    Some I like:
    Penelope/Penny or Pippi
    Love Lucy too. But the only full name I like is Louisa and I'm not sure Louisa Sarah sounds good.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    Penelope - works so well with Elisabeth. Penelope & Elisabeth sounds so elegant together. Penelope is a gorgeous choice and sounds brilliant with Sarah. Penelope Sarah sounds beautiful. I honestly love Penny & Ellie together as well. Such a beautiful choice. Adorable!

    Evangeline - I think Evangeline is a gorgeous name, so sugary and lush. Evangeline is a lovely choice, I also love the nickname Eve which is so simplistic and pretty. I do think Evangeline & Elisabeth sound beautiful together but the choices could be limiting to the letter 'e' if you have more children as Elisabeth, Evangeline, and Agatha may seem really strange. The 'a' to be is an outcast in this sibling set. But if you don't plan on having any more children Evangeline & Elisabeth do sound great together.

    Josephine - another gorgeous choice. Josephine is a lovely name and I also think Josie is very sweet nickname. I also like the idea of Posey as a nickname for Josephine. Josephine and Elisabeth flow nicely together but I dislike the combination Josephine Sarah. I think Josephine Sarah sounds very blah.

    I really dislike Lucy and all stereotypical Lucy names like Lucinda, Lucille e.t.c and I would never put Lucy as a nickname for Louisa. For me the nickname I would use for Louisa is Lulu, which is so southern and cute. But Louisa Sarah doesn't work.

    I'm being very nit-picky as I love them all. But my favourite choice is Penelope Sarah!!

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    I would go with Louisa Seraphine. I think it sounds very pretty.

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    I'd go with Alessandra and a different mn. Or Alexis Sari. Or Clementine Sarah might work depending on the last name. Best wishes!

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    Thank you everyone! Good suggestions!

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