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    I am sorry that this is something you are worried about, I hope that things aren't so bad where you live that an obviously Jewish name for a Jewish boy would be a problem :-( that said I would rely on the popularity of biblical names generally to mean that your child isn't 'marked'. Most of the old names in the Jewish texts are in the Christian texts as well... (not that secular people don't use the names too). So I wouldn't worry about Asher for those reasons at all, it isn't on the level of Abner or Esther (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    My only reservation wrt the name Asher is its popularity, it is utterly charming and as Jewish as you want it to be ;-)

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    Thank you so very much for all your thoughtful and kind responses! My husband and I have talked about this issue at least a dozen times now and I have thought about posting this question before but was worried about what sort of responses it might receive. Religion is always a tricky subject no matter what the question. Your replies have not only gone a long way toward answering my question - they have also genuinely and pleasantly surprised me in their encouraging and supportive tone. Thank you so much!!

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    I adore Asher! It's on my own list, I would love to have a little Ash one day.

    That you have to even worry about this makes me more sad than you could possibly know. My best friend was a French Jew, and she told me only a little of the hardships she faced in Paris growing up a Jew. It's maddening--no one should have to be ridiculed for what they believe like that. I'm not a Jew--I'm a Christian--but sometimes I feel like some of my beliefs align much closer with the Jewish faith than the Christian one (we have similar rules about eating meat, we worship on Saturday, etc.), so I've always felt a special connection and respect for the Jewish people, and why people should act like that is beyond me. Just thinking about it--thinking about what they did to Millie... what others could do to your little son... it makes me sick inside. Here's to hoping that no matter what name you choose, he doesn't have to face that kind of darkness and evil.

    For what it's worth, I agree with the others. I don't think Asher's as huge of a deal today as it would have been a couple decades ago. It's very mainstream, nearly top 100 (if it's not in already in the top 100!), and it's well-loved by people of many different religions and cultures. I would be tickled pink to meet a little Asher, especially if he was a little Jew.
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    I'm Orthodox Jewish, and sort of resent the way Asher has become so popular in the mainstream - I like it pronounced the Hebrew way, AH-shair, but people would always see the trendy mainstream name and pronounce it the Anglicized way (rhyming with basher), and in my case THAT's what i'd want to avoid. People saying that they had no idea it was Hebrew/Jewish/biblical makes me want to scream into a closet.

    It's definitely common enough not to scream Jewish on its own - it's more likely to come across like Mason or Camden (ie: white, trendy, not any particular religion).
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    When I was in high school (10+ yrs ago), I was completely in love with the name Asher. I mentioned it to my mom, who replied "It's a Jewish name." I think it's lost that stereotype, as I now know 2 Mormon Ashers, a Lutheran Asher, and a Baptist Asher... no Jews, oddly.
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