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    I agree with tawnysaurus, your names are rad. I wish I had half your guts with naming! (Also your GP, Larkspur, is one of my GP faves! Just saying, you have excellent taste )

    Goldenrod Leonie - I would shy away from anything with 'rod' in it for a girl, I think middle/high school would be merciless teasing. Leonie Goldenrod, or Marigold Leonie would be great, though!
    Mazarine Io - Absolutely 100% love. Don't change a thing.
    Verbena Boheme - At first I thought yes, too 'B' heavy, but the more I say it the more I like it. The flow of the syllables makes me think "la vie boheme".
    Elm Imogen - I don't mind either name, but it runs together for me. Elmimogen. Imogen Rosemint (borrowing from your sig) I love!
    Freesia Genevieve - It's a little too much 'E' for me. Switching the middles on this and the above, I think Elm Genevieve and Freesia Imogen would be lovely.
    Fig Bedelia - Fig I am not a huge fan of... Sweetbriar Bedelia is gorgeous, and she could always shorten to Briar if she wanted to be "professional".
    Chrysanthemum Harper - I think the "too long" argument isn't number of syllables but number of letters. Isabella has 8 letters (and many are doubled), Chrysanthemum has 13. But it's not a bad name, and she would have a children's book of her very own
    Plum Araminta - Love. Love, love, love! My #1 out of your list, followed very closely by Mazarine Io.

    Yarrow Barnaby - Fantastic. Yarrow I think is unique but on-trend and Barnaby is a personal fave. Plus I love how it starts and ends in Y.
    Thistle Dorian - I think Thistle is a bit fem, yes, especially with Dorian (which I know is a boys' name, but has always slanted feminine to me. Not a bad thing).
    Sol Aurelius - I really like this. Especially the meaning, and Sol is an amazingly cool name for a little boy.
    Peregrine Ambrose - It's a bit fusty, but in an upper-crust English gentleman kind of way, which I think is refreshing and nice.
    Huckleberry Iver - A bunch of celebrities have used it so obviously they thought it worked. I think it's usable, I just worry about nickname Huck and all the things it rhymes with.
    Carnelian Ptolemy - Not a big fan. I like Ptolemy, Carnelian not so much. I think chameleon and Carnies (the creepy kind).
    Hawthorn Otis - Looooove Hawthorn. And Otis. Fantastic. (Yarrow Barnaby and Hawthorn Otis would make STUNNING brothers, just saying).
    Arum Theodore - This one is fine, just seems a bit... common, for you. Maybe Ptolemy Arum and Carnelian Theodore?
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