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    Sanskrit alternatives to Mahesh

    Trying to steer my partner away from Mahesh, hate the sound of it (especially the 'hAEsh' bit).

    So I am looking for names, Sanskrit preferably, that will play well in the West.

    For cultural reasons (not mine) no Muslim names (pity, there are some great ones)...

    Those which refer to Shiva in their meaning are an added bonus I guess, like father like (future possible) son

    At the moment we're discussing (read 'negotiating') names for a hypothetical baby so no real rush, but if you want to break a habit there's no time like the present.

    Next habit to break is his calling all AngloCeltTeutonic etc names 'slave names' (when used for people who aren't white), I get that he's not a fan of cultural imperialism but not everyone understands his 'humour' step at a time...

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