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    Which of these names can you picture an athletic handsome boy

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    Christian Daniel is the best IMO, I have never heard/met a Shay or Layton... How about Landon or Lucas- Both athletic sounding to me
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    Favorites right now:

    Kathryn (Ryn) Mae

    Brooks (Brooksie) Flynn

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    These sound pretty soft and peaceful to me, but I think Christian Daniel seems the most athletic to me.
    Have you considered the variations Lawton, Landon, or Shane?

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    Christian Daniel seems a tad evangelical to me. I like Lleyton Daniel (or the reverse). If you use Shea I like the spelling they use in NY.

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    I actually like Timothy Shay, I think it flows better.

    But, on topic, Christian Shay.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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