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Thread: Lucius/Lucian?

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    I prefer Lucian since it feels more current than the possibly ancient Latin sounding Lucius. I'd use it as a first name since it's right now unique without being too weird. For middle names, I'd choose something more personal and definitely daring or else why bother.
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    Lucius reminds me of Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy, I prefer Lucian.
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    I've loved the name Lucian (pronounced Loo-shin) since The Underworld movies came out. While I love the Harry Potter series as well, I much prefer Lucian. First or middle names work for either.

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    I prefer Lucian. No bad HP connections and it has a strong ending.
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    I definitely prefer Lucian. I was raised on Harry Potter and Lucius will always be Mr. Malfoy.

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