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    Why Don't You Retire These Names?

    Despite literally centuries of overuse, most people aren’t naming their kids John or Mary. I feel that certain names need to take that downward slope because they’ve used in too many cross sections of class, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. They’ve spawned more interesting nicknames that their originators. Here’s a few that I believe are the new Johns and Marys of the world:

    Alexander – 80s comeback that needs to go back
    David – blah
    Michael – the new Jennifer

    Anne – the old Rose of middle names
    Elizabeth – needs a rest to hopefully become the next Sophia of the 22nd century
    Emma – take Emily with you
    Grace – surely there are other virtues
    Hope – ho-no
    Katherine – yawn
    Laura – eye-roll
    Sarah – very beige

    I feel some of these classic pillars are so unimaginative. Surely, it’s better than naming your daughter Quinoa or son Halston but with these you're not even trying. What other sacred cows of naming just need to be slaughtered?
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    Unimaginitive? Not even trying?! Are you kidding? Just because a name is classic/popular doesn't mean the parents haven't put a great deal of thought into it. Even if they just like the name- what's wrong with that? Not everyone (the majority, in fact) wants a complicated >Top 1000 name that no one can spell or pronounce. These names also have the added bonus of having for hundreds of years of history with many notable bearers, unlike trendy, flash-in-the-pan, 21st century, made up rubbish. And if you could get rid of these names, what exactly do you think will replace them? Celia, maybe? Or Esme?

    Feel free to dislike popular or classic names all you like -that's your prerogative- but please don't make posts about 'slaughtering' names because you think they're 'unimaginitive'.

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    I have to disagree with you on this one, I love classic names. They're tried and tested on generations, work on adults as well as children and as more people are going for modern, out-there names, the classics will stand out even more. I'll admit I don't know any young Marys but I do know three young Johns and all suit their name perfectly. I wouldn't say that parents using these names are "not even trying" - some may be family names, others may use the long form to get a nickname but give their child a more professional option later in life. I'd say not even trying would be picking a top 10 name because it "sounds pretty". I'd much rather meet a baby Sarah than yet another "we call her Bella" any day.

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    I don't believe any name should be retired. Naming is all about personal preferences. You may find classic names like katherine/catherine boring However I find Catherine to be a beautiful name and one of my favorites. I personally love that it has a lot of history.
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    This is so unfair. Naming your child Elizabeth doesn't make you unimaginative. You don't know the thought process behind a name choice. In fact, for some people (myself included) Elizabeth would be an unusual choice, where as something like Nayeli would be right on trend and expected. It's very unfair to slam someone because they love classic or popular names.
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