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    Ridiculous names at mothers group

    Hi everyone!
    I just started going to mothers group and I have noticed some really ridiculous names! There was one woman whose child was called Rainbow..... Yep!! RAINBOW!! I was just wondering if any of you have had an experience with some really weird children's names!!

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    That is what my brother would like to name a girl. *sigh* My daughters middle name is Rain, so that furthers my irritation. lol
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    I actually think Rainbow is suitable name.
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    When I worked in retail there was a regular customer who has a daughter named Rainbow. He other daughters are Princess and Butterfly. Her sons names all have something to do with fire, Blaze, Flame and another some who's name I can't remember (which is bugging me because I know it!)

    In Australia Rainbow really is not a name you would expect to hear. If someone told me they were planning on calling their baby Rainbow I would think it was a joke!
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    I knew a sibset; (youngest to oldest) A a r o n, F l o, J u d a h and.... A i o l i. Like the salad dressing. (The spaces are for google search reasons.
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