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    Is Carla really that bad?

    I've always loved the name Carla (possibly because of the nice counselor from "The Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" by Louis Sachar?) but I've seen it described in multiple places as unfashionable or harsh. Carl seems totally unfashionable to me but Carla seems simple yet substantial, sweet yet sophisticated. What do you guys think? Am I missing something?
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    I like Carl a lot. I did not used to like Carla, but I had an English professor who I totally developed a hetero-crush on, so now I like it. I could imagine it on a little girl no problem. I see the name Carla as strong, womanly, smart, fun, and surprising. I think I never really disliked it; I just never considered the name.



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    I like Carla. It's maybe not a name that's broadly attractive, though?
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    When i think of Carla I think of Carla on Mob Wives. She's kind of awesome. lol! She is pretty, she is strong and feminine and doesn't play the same games (as much. hehe) as the other Mob Wives. If I take her out of the equation, I get the imagery of Spanish lace. Feminine but kind of daring. Intricate and beautiful.
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    I think Carla is cute to me it's a commoner version of Clara.

    Yes you are spelling it right. Although I know a Karla from school.

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