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    A New Name Love I Didn't See Coming

    This would be for a middle, but I am so in love with this name right now I can hardly control myself. It's working up the courage to challenge Robin to a duel!

    Peter ♥ (c&p; I blame thee)

    we're trying to find proper English names for the middle spot (like we did with Marian for Roo), and it suddenly dawned on me, can you find anything more tied to an English childhood than Peter? First of all there's Peter Pan; every single English child has grown up reading about this little urchin. The books are gorgeous, the Disney version is adorable, and I really love Finding Neverland. Kate Bush has a gorgeous song called In Search of Peter Pan which is such a childhood song for me, and another called Oh England My Lionheart where she mentions him again. There's Peter Pevensie, High King of Narnia; brave, noble, just and dashing. And let's not forget adorable Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter's books.

    What do we think of Peter?
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    There is also Peter Piper, who picked a peck of pickled peppers. I think Peter is the ultimate nursery rhyme/storybook name, and its whimsical associations are what landed it on my list a few years ago. I don't know where it ranks in the UK, but it is surprisingly uncommon in the US (#205 and falling, which is very low for a Bible name; I've only met two Peters in my entire life), so I consider the name an unexpected choice that would grab attention. I like it. A lot.
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    Peter is a lovely name with wonderful associations and a strong sound. Cute, but sophisticated.
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    Ooh I love Peter. I think it's a good proper English name to Roo's Marian.
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    So to sum up: Peter gets a massive YES from me
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