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    She was quite horrid, but I agree with her to a certain degree. It's always the same kinds of names being yelled out like that, so you know (most) children with those names will have rude parents, and will probably be lacking in the manner and behaviour department. You never hear mums scream out Poppy, Florence or Reuben. I'd be rather less excited about play dates and budding friendships with little Chardonnay, but of course I wouldn't prevent it. I'd just rather they make friends with mums with better taste that's all. Someone who wouldn't name their child after wine. But I guess that's also for my own sake, I'd prefer parents I could actually enjoy being around.

    That said, lady is crazy. And I adore Holly.
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    I feel sorry for her kids. This woman has no right to judge kids based on their parents who named them.

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    I see where she's coming from, but it's incredibly unfair to judge children based on their names--judging the parents is still way snooty, but less unfair, and it makes more sense to me. And preventing her kids from playing with them? Wow. As a kid who went to a Title 1 elementary school where half the kids got free lunch, I would have had no friends whatsoever if my mother thought that way.
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    disgusting. it is completely wrong to judge a child simply by their name. A kid is not responsible for the name their parents gave them. And I have actually known more upper class kids who had 'normal' names and were the biggest most obnoxious brats, than I have known people with 'the wrong' name who were like that.
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    I find it funny that Tyler is considered a trashy name in the UK whereas in the States it's a very middle class/preppy name.

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