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    The right nickname

    Do you remember my sister who had Catherine and Elizabeth but hated almost all the nicknames? well know shes found them Cricket and Zibby. It sounds so cute with Catherine says her sisters name and all of my cousins children say Cricket. I showed her the fifteen shades of Elizabeth gallery a while ago and later found Zibby in another blog post and she loved it. Cricket is from an earlier post on name berry and now Catherine's two it really suits her. She also loves for Elizabeth Elsie and Lilibet for Catherine Kitty and Wren. But she would only use Lilbet and Wren and Elsie and Kitty together so we'll see if they ever become anything else. But I guess thats the good thing about names like Catherine and Elizabeth.

    So the reason for posting this was have you ver been against nicknames and found one thats just right for your child?
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