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    Penelope, Augusta, Victoria, or Helena?

    We are due mid-August and have finally come up with some names we both like. Well, I like Helena more than DH, but he does like Augusta, Penelope, and Victoria.

    Thoughts? Is Penelope likely to become way popular (it was #125 in 2012) and is on a major uptick. Does the fact that it was used by a Kardashian make it sound down-market? Does Victoria inevitably become Vicky?

    Suggestions for middles/combos welcome. So far I have:

    Victoria Tamsin
    Victoria Claire
    Victoria Margaret

    Penelope Violet
    Penelope Delphine
    Penelope Augusta

    Augusta Marguerite (need more MNs for Augusta!)

    Helena Margaret

    Other ideas:

    Caroline Victoria
    Clara Marguerite

    What do you think?

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