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    Evera how to pronounce

    I have been looking for names which mean "Brave" or "Courageous" for girls (not a whole lot, which makes me kinda sad!), and stumbled upon Evera.

    Wondering if anyone knows how to pronounce it?

    I think the prettiest would be "Eh-veh-rah" vs. "E-var-ah" - but wondering what it reads like to others!

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    The two options that came to my lips were EV-er-a or Eh-VARE-a. I think the second is the most intuitive, but I kind of like the first.
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    I would pronounce it like Ever-ah. According to it's a feminine version of Everard, so I would pronounce it pretty much the same just with an 'ah' ending!
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    I'd pronounce it like ever but with an -a tacked onto the end. ev-er-uh.
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    Ever-a. Like Everett (also related I think), just with a instead of ett.

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