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    Archer, Roman, or....?

    My OH and I just had our appointment revealing the gender, team blue!! which works because we've had a REALLY hard time agreeing on any girls names!! Still haven't. Anyway. I thought we were set on Archer Cole to be our sons name, though we had Roman Connor as another we loved. I started calling Little Mister by Archer and he said not to start so early cause he's not sure. I'm pretty set on Archer even though the general crowd seems to not love it. My family's "alright" with it, no name hating, but they clearly don't love it.

    I had a few others on my list, Graham Theodore / Graham Wilson, Finn... nothing else so far. Previously OH mentioned loving Jason but I'm not sold. I love old fashioned, he loves more modern. I loved Archer and Roman because they have the modern, masculine feel OH loves and they aren't popular (which I love!). I'm avoiding the top 100, at least for the first name. I am opened to reusing middle names from names above and such.

    I'd love suggestions though!! Anything out of the top 100 is good with me if you could match styles that'd be splendid but not necessary! I've been searching the SSA lists but they're so extensive it gives a bit of a headache

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