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Thread: Baby boy

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    Baby boy

    Hi, all...wanted to update. Our little boy was born in January and we named him Andrew Leonard. Leonard is my husband's middle and his grandpa's first name. I am still trying to get *excited* about the name Andrew since it is so common and my ears have heard it a gazillion times. I do like it and think it will serve him well and my philosophy is to err on the side of normalcy! I still love looking at baby names and am on this site to drool with everyone over the future heir to the throne's name and also to roll my eyes at Kimye's North West, gag!

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    Congratulations! Thanks for posting here for us. Andrew Leonard is a fine name and it's very special that you gave him a family name with heritage!

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    Congratulations! Lovely name.

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    Congrats! I think you're right - Andrew will serve him well. He can always go by Drew if he wants something slightly more modern.

    PS, if your user name is the same here, we know each other on another forum. I wanted that Chartres so badly!
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    Congratulations! Andrew Leonard is a super name.

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