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    I completely agree with everything you guys are saying. Jael does sound a little like jail lol, and when I say the girls names together Scarlett sounds the best. but I love the name Eliza so much I thought what the heck I'll just make it work Jessamy!! That's goes very well with Scarlett. Thank you. I know I've limited myself with the J names but I can't seem to break the little tradition I've started. Thank you again for your feedback it really helps in making the big decision!! If I broke my theme I would go with verity. That is so pretty, something I've never heard of before.

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    Matilda Joy gets my vote! it's more sweet and Unusual than Eliza Jane, But Eliza Jane is definitely a cute and classy choice!
    Also, Jael could be written Yael, as that is the Israeli pronunciation. I love the name Yael, it is gorgeous and never gets old for me. However, It is very hard if you are in America becasue of the isolated syllables, which would probably be slurred by Americans (ie Naomi is really Nah-Oh-mee, not Nay-oh-mee).
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    1 Matilda Joy (although Joy is too similar to Jolie)
    2 Eliza Jane (although Jane is too similar to Jade)
    3 Scarlett Jael (although Jael is too similar to Jade as well)
    All the best,

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    *Eliza Jane

    There was a popular country song by Vince Gill several years ago called "Lil' Liza Jane." (It kinda sounds like he says "Eliza Jane" as he's singing actually.) For me, that would rule out that song because she would get teased with that song her whole life. But I live in Nashville. So maybe that doesn't apply to everyone.

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    I like Jewel as a middle name! I love Scarlett and Eliza, but then you would have two S names, with Simone and Scarlett, or you would have Lyla and Eliza, which sound an awful lot alike, imo. Your girl names seem strong yet lovely, but Matilda, even with the meaning, sounds a bit too whimsical or fanciful, not so much strong and boldly beautiful, to me....Hmmm, which leaves??? Willow might be nice, but not with Jewel. How about....Simone, Lyla, Brooklyn, and Esme? Fable? Windsor? Keeva? Marlowe?

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