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    Literary,Vintage Names Etc.

    Ok so I really do love our girls names- Cora Lucille and Ivy Louisa. I think they just sound beautiful! But for some reason I'm having a really hard time picturing them on little girls! When I say it out loud it just doesn't sound right sometimes! I'm sure or would grow in them, but I would really love some more suggestions! I love vintage but not 'stuffy' names like Mildred or something. Also I sort of like fancy elaborate names like Lucienne or Annaliese but just haven't found the right one to use. I love Lucy but husband won't use it, only Lucille as a middle. Don't like Vera, Joesphine, or anything like that which seems to get suggested a lot. I LOVE Tennyson for a girl. I think it woul be unique and adorable but hubby refuses on that as well, and say they will call her tennis shoe. I love the literary reference though. That's where I got Louisa from- one of my favorite books is little women!

    Anyways, give me as many suggestions as you have!!! Thanks!

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