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    I would do Gwyneth nn Gwen and I love Gwen as a sister to Nora! Gwyneth Elise is beautiful but I find myself having to pause so I don't say Gwyneth Elith with a lisp, you know? For that reason, I might choose Gwyneth Eliza.

    My Gwen is a Gwendolyn and we just love her name. We call her both Gwen and Gwennie. I definitely recommend using Gwyneth/Gwen!

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    I pronounce Gwyneth as "Gwin-neth' so I wouldn't pick it if you want the nickname Gwen. Better to go for Gwendoline or just Gwen.

    If you don't mind the nn Gwyn then go for it.
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    I have a little Gwyneth, so I obviously love it! I prefer Gwyneth Eliza, but that's just because Gwyneth Elise comes out a little lispy. We call our Gwyneth, Gwyn or Gwynnie. I have a friend that has a Gwenyth, nn Gwen. I think that works too, but if you want to go the traditional route then I'd stick with Gwyneth.

    I had a really hard time deciding how to spell her nickname, and it still bugs me sometimes. I wanted to go with Gwen, but people seemed to get the spelling of Gwyneth confused when I did that. I've decided to go with Gwyn for the time being, but when she gets old enough to spell, I'll let her decide.

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    I love Gwyneth Elise. I think it's lovely. The actress Gwyneth Paltrow is referred to as Gwen, so I think it works as a nickname.

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    Oh I used to love the name Gwyneth until that insipid, goopster, self-indulgent bore, Gwyneth Paltrow made it impossible for me to even hear the name. Go with Guinevere. So much prettier.

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