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    YOUR Name Predictions of 2020-2030

    I was looking through past posts on the future Top Names and imagining myself and my peers (who are now teens) naming children, those statistics don't seem super accurate. What do you think will be popular 10 years or even 20 years from now?
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    I guess that in the upcoming years that double middles will blow up in the US. Especially on girls. I think it will become the normal thing to do.

    I think that softer & flowy/long vintage names will get traded for stronger/tougher vintage names for girls. Like Geraldine & Thomasina, Joan & Karen...names with a bit of a hard edge & uncommon feminizations will climb the charts.

    Unusual word names will rise as well. Some commonly known ones like Fern & Magnolia, but also stuff like Arrow & North.

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    Have you seen Angela's (from Upswing Baby Names) article on this? Some of her predictions are a little out there, but it's an interesting read. You can download it here:
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    I think mid-century names are going to come back. Carol, Judy, Deborah, Linda, Sharon, Barbara, Donald, Philip, Thomas, Robert, Roger/Rodger, Gregory, Douglas.
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    I think names that tend to be considered a little out there right now. More "celebrity-style" if you will. Names a la..
    Pandora, Sunday, Juno, North, Arrow, Nixon, Lincoln, Hart, Orion, Magnolia, Harbor, Atlas, Noble, Caspian, Onyx, Nova, Lennox, Hazel.

    All of these names could probably fit in a classroom now but I think by 2020/2030 these names will be much more common.

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