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    I'm not fond of Mavis at all, but I do like the nn May or Mae. Maeve is very cute and trendy now too. I think Mavis has a dorkie sound (not to offend, please forgive) but that's just how I hear it and IMO.

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    I automatically think "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing." It has a harsh sound, and just sounds old to me.

    While Mavis has great potential nicknames, you could get those same nicknames from other names that you could use instead.

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    Can't say I am feeling the love for that name at all.....

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    Makes me think of 1977.

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    Like all vintage names, some people will LOVE them and some will LOATHE them. If you love Mavis then it's a great choice! Personally, I think it definitely has spunk.
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