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    Simeon or Gideon? Simeon is too dated for my taste.
    Gideon or Gable?
    Malachi or Mordecai? Malachi is sweeter, not as harsh as Mordecai.
    Hugh or Hugo? All I can think of is 'Hugo Boss'
    Cobalt or Roan?
    Will or Shale?

    Willa or Della?
    Willa or Willow? Could use Willa as a NN
    Adelaide or Adeline?
    Lilac or Lark?
    Fern or Wren?
    Moriah or Sarai? Sarai is a GP!
    Melora or Moriah?
    Marilla or Marcella?
    Cadence or Carys? Cadence is a little too trendy for me.
    Ruby or Pearl?
    Delaney or Connelly? Connelly is so refreshing! The NN Nelly would be sweet, Connie is super dated.
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)? Eliora slightly sounds made up.
    Annika or Azalea? Love love love Annika
    Verity or Vivienne?
    Eliza or Elsa? Elsa is a cow's name to me.

    Girls/boys (The name on the left I would use for a girl, the name on the right I would use for a boy. I just couldn't use both.):
    Hazel or Gable?
    Ruby or Reuben?
    Cadence or Kenyon?
    elijah - owen - cyrus - sutton - corbin - ezra - wilder

    isla - alba - arden - eleanor - gemma - camilla - lux - madeline

    wilder ambrose/james, elijah sutton/corbin + arden camilla/eleanor, gemma madeline/lux

    eye catchers: ambrose & lux

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    Simeon or Gideon? Gideon, tho would choose Simon
    Gideon or Gable? Gideon
    Malachi or Mordecai? Malachi
    Hugh or Hugo? Hugo
    Cobalt or Roan? Roan
    Will or Shale? Will

    Willa or Della? Tie
    Willa or Willow? Willa
    Adelaide or Adeline? Adeline
    Lilac or Lark? Lark
    Fern or Wren? Wren
    Moriah or Sarai? Sarai
    Melora or Moriah? Not a fan of either
    Marilla or Marcella? Marcella
    Cadence or Carys? Carys
    Ruby or Pearl? For a first name, Ruby. Like Pearl as a mn
    Delaney or Connelly? Delaney
    Eliora or Eleni Eleni by a hair
    Annika or Azalea? Annika
    Verity or Vivienne? Vivienne
    Eliza or Elsa? Eliza

    Hazel or Gable? Hazel
    Ruby or Reuben? Reuben
    Cadence or Kenyon? Kenyon

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    Simeon or Gideon?
    Gideon or Gable?
    Malachi or Mordecai?
    Hugh or Hugo? Can't decide...would depend on your last name
    Cobalt or Roan?
    Will or Shale?

    Willa or Della?
    Willa or Willow? I like both
    Adelaide or Adeline?
    Lilac or Lark? I don't really like either, though
    Fern or Wren?
    Moriah or Sarai?
    Melora or Moriah?
    Marilla or Marcella?
    Cadence or Carys?
    Ruby or Pearl?
    Delaney or Connelly? I don't like either
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)?
    Annika or Azalea?
    Verity or Vivienne? I like both...can't decide
    Eliza or Elsa? I love the name Elsa!

    Hazel or Gable?
    Ruby or Reuben?
    Cadence or Kenyon? I don't like either
    Favorite names at the moment:
    Simone Sage
    Andre Larion

    Other names I like: Veronica Vivian Lydia Octavia Bianca Flora Zulima Augustine Elsa Avalon Zamora Carmina

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    Simeon or Gideon: Depends if you're pronouncing Simeon like (sim-e-in) or like Simon, as I've seen it done both ways. My preference would be Gideon, only because of the confusion of the pronunciation of Simeon.

    Gideon or Gable: Gideon. Gable would make a better middle name, in my opinion.

    Malachi or Mordecai: Malachi, by far. Mordecai just doesn't sound attractive, sorry.

    Hugh or Hugo: Hugh.

    Cobalt or Roan: Roan because I don't view Cobalt as the name of a child (I think of it as a car, or a color).

    Will or Shale: Will. It's always been one of my favorite classic names.


    Willa or Della: Willa. I think it's beautiful without being over used. I think the reason I don't care for Della is because it sounds like last name.
    Willa or Willow: I like them both, but I would say Willa (for the same reason as above).
    Adelaide or Adeline: Adelaide. I think the spelling and pronunciation are prettier.
    Lilac or Lark: Lilac. I've always considered Lark to be a boys name.
    Fern or Wren: Wren. Fern just doesn't seem feminine, or pretty.
    Moriah or Sarai: Sarai, only because Moriah seems to be getting more and more popular.
    Melora or Moriah: Moriah. I just don't care for Melora, sorry.
    Marilla or Marcella: I like them both, but I would probably choose Marcella. Marilla sounds too close to manilla.
    Cadence or Carys: Carys. I've always loved that name (unfortunately my husband won't go for it).
    Ruby or Pearl: Ruby. Yet another name I've always loved. I don't mind Pearl though, especially as a middle name.
    Delaney or Connelly: Delaney, because Connelly is a boys name (to me).
    Eliora or Eleni: Eleni. My friend recently named her daughter this and I think it's beautiful.
    Annika or Azaela: Annika but I prefer it spelled with one n (Anika).
    Verity or Vivienne: Vivienne. I don't care for Verity.

    Hazel or Gable: Probably Hazel, if it's for a first name.
    Ruby or Reuben: Ruby. Reuben will always remind me of a sandwich, sorry, lol.
    Cadence or Kenyon: I like them both, but probably Cadence. It's just more my style.

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